Richard Adams has worked in the construction industry for over twenty five years with experience in the Florida market for over twelve years. Mr. Adams has been involved in all aspects of the construction business, as an engineer, as a contractor, and as an engineer for a construction materials manufacturer. He has been responsible for the design and construction of commercial, industrial projects and "large scale" residential with duties in these projects including project estimating, construction project management, structural engineering consulting, and production of contract drawings and documents.
Mr. Adams has twenty five years of construction experience which began as a carpenter apprentice. He is also a former project manager/engineer for R.J. Prossen, Inc, a design/build construction firm which performed all of the design in-house. During this employment Richard Adams' duties included construction project management, as well as, all of the structural engineering for the firm. Prior to this employment, Mr. Adams was chief engineer and head of quality control for Double E Structures located in Belmont, California, a pioneer in composite cement based construction materials and a manufacturer of precast concrete structures. He managed projects from single story school buildings and warehouses to six story office buildings. Also, a former regional manager of engineering for 17 western states and international territory for Inryco, Inc. located in Los Angeles, California and project engineer for Inryco, Inc. located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a manufacturer of cold formed steel products. Projects included structural frame and curtain wall systems for multistory buildings up to 37 stories.

Mr. Adams holds a MBA with a concentration in finance from University of South Florida and graduated with honors from Milwaukee School of Engineering - Milwaukee, Wisconsin earning a B.S. degree in Architectural Engineering.

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